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Creating a new Signature 365 subscription

Creating a subscription

When you have completed the sign up for your Signature 365 account, you receive a free 14-day trial subscription. You can proceed to create a full subscription at any time during your trial.

To create a Signature 365 subscription, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and log on if you are not already logged on
  2. Click the Billing menu to create your subscription:

  3. In section (1) select your preferred billing schedule (monthly or yearly) and enter how many users you need the subscription to cover (the minimum is 10 users).
  4. In section (2) enter the address where your organisation is physically located and select if you want to receive invoices by email.
  5. In section (3) enter your card details.
  6. Click Subscribe and pay now to create your subscription.

Congratulations! You have now created your subscription.

Next steps

If you want to try out creating a signature before configuring Signature 365 for your email platform, select the Signatures menu.

If you are ready to setup Signature 365 for use with your email platform including importing users and applying email signatures, select the Integrations menu, then click the Enable button in the Microsoft 365 card to start the Signature 365 setup wizard.

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