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Exclude signatures on Microsoft Planner comment emails


You are using Signature 365 server-side injection with Microsoft Planner, and wish to prevent signatures from being inserted to Planner comment emails.


As Microsoft Planner sends an email when a comment is added, this email is routed through server-side signature injection if this is enabled.

This results in signatures being added to the Planner comments, which can be an undesired behaviour.


By adding an Exchange mail flow rule we can prevent signatures from being injected by server-side injection.

  • Log on to the Exchange admin center
  • Select Add a rule -> Create a new rule

  • Configure the rule as follows:
    • Set the name to [Signature 365] Prevent Planner comments receiving signature injection
    • Set Apply this rule if to The message headers and matches these text patterns options to:

      X-MS-TrafficTypeDiagnostic and PlannerComment
    • Set Do the following to Modify the message properties and set a message header to:

      X-Signature365-MessageProcessed and true

  • Click Next and Next on the following screen, leaving the settings as default
  • Click Finish on the Review and finish screen

  • Allow the rule to save, and click Done
  • Select the rule you have created, and click Edit rule settings

  • Set the Priority of the rule higher than the Send to Signature 365 for signature injection rule and hit Save

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