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Removing Email Signature Manager following migration to Signature 365


You have recently migrated from Email Signature Manager to Signature 365, and wish to remove the Email Signature Manager components from your devices.


The information below details how to remove the SIS injection service, Signagent, and the Email Signature Manager server from your network.

SIS Injection Service

This process must be completed in the Exchange admin center, the steps below will detail how to complete this process.


The SIS component must be disabled or you may attempt to send emails using this service, which will be blocked from 31/12/23

  1. Log on to the Exchange admin center
  2. Select Mail flow and then Rules from the menu

  3. Select the Send to Symprex Signature Injection Service rule, and select the Delete option

  4. Select the Connectors menu option
  5. Select the Send to Symprex Signature Injection Service and Receive from Symprex Signature Injection Service connectors individually, and select the Delete option for each

This completes the process of removing the SIS connectors and rules from your Exchange Online tenant.

ESM Agent

Signagent should ideally be removed from your client devices before the Email Signature Manager server is uninstalled.

If you wish to remove local Outlook signatures deployed by the ESM server, you should ensure the "Remove all signatures other than those specifically deployed" is selected from Configuration -> Deployment Options.

Following this, please use the Manage Deployment option in Email Signature Manager, and remove all deployments from all Users and Groups.

As the last step, complete a full update cycle using the Update All button, this will ensure that all deployed signatures are removed from devices on the next Signagent update cycle.

The agent can also be removed using the information in the following article: Uninstalling the Email Signature Manager agent programmatically.

If you have already removed Signagent from your devices, you can use the information in the following article to remove all local Outlook signatures: Managing personal signatures, fonts and stationary for Outlook desktop.

Remove ESM installation

On the ESM server:

  1. Open Email Signature Manager
  2. Select the Configuration tab in the ribbon
  3. Select the Configuration page in the backstage
  4. In the Deployment Options dialog, select the Client Access Service tab
  5. Under Service Connection Point, click the Delete button
  6. Confirm you want to delete the Service Connection Point in Active Directory
  7. Test the Email Signature Manager Agent connects to the new server
  8. Close Email Signature Manager
  9. Uninstall Email Signature Manager

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