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Using the Signature 365 Outlook mobile add-in


You wish to insert a signature into emails sent from mobile devices using the Outlook mobile app.


The Signature 365 add-in is available for both iOS and Android versions of the Outlook Mobile app, and will automatically install if the user has the add-in deployed to the Outlook desktop or web applications.

Details on required versions of the app and add-in can be found on the version requirements page.

Currently, due to limitations by Microsoft, the mobile add-in can only be used to insert the default signature for a user. This happens automatically when a new message is created, and the signature is inserted client side on the mobile device.

As the signature is inserted on the device, as with Outlook desktop, emails sent from the Outlook mobile app do not require server-side injection.

You can see if the add-in is enabled on your device by performing the following steps:

  • Open the Outlook app and tap the account icon in the top left to open the menu.

  • Click the settings gear on the bottom left menu.


  • Select the Add-ins menu option - you may need to scroll the menu to find this.

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  • Scroll the Add-ins menu until you see the Signature 365 item to confirm this is installed. The deployment of the add-in is handled completely by Microsoft - and this cannot be controlled with Signature 365.

All methods of deploying the add-in will install the add-in to all versions of Outlook where supported.


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