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How to use the Signature 365 migration wizard


You wish to understand how to run the Signature 365 migration wizard on your existing Email Signature Manager server


The following article details the steps required to run the migration wizard, please review the information below.


You must have a Signature 365 account to run the migration tool and have completed integration with Microsoft 365 before running the migration

  • Download and install the migration tool on the server where Symprex Email Signature Manager is installed.

  • Run the Signature 365 Migration Wizard from your start menu.

    Please ensure that you have already configured the Signature 365 integration with Microsoft 365 before attempting to run the migration.

  • It is possible to migrate a specific SQL or Access database if you have this configured within Email Signature Manager. If configured as standard, select Migrate the current Email Signature Manager Database and click next.

  • By default you should select Migrate to Signature 365 - if issues are encountered with the migration process, you may be asked to use the Export to Zip File function by the support team at Symprex, although this process will take longer due to the manual process.

  • Select the tickboxes to choose the templates that you wish to migrate. You can use the Select In Use buttons to only select templates that are currently in use by Email Signature Manager, or select / deselect all templates. Click Validate to check the existing template code.

  • The validation page will detail if any issues are detected in your templates. Click the Validation Result to see information about any errors.

  • The results page will detail the error(s) found in the template, and if these are recoverable. In the case below, the template contains a user-created AD attribute and shows how this will be converted. This will complete migration but will require manual changes to the uploaded template on Signature 365.

  • Any templates with errors will be deselected - if the error is recoverable, you can select the template to upload even if validation has failed. Click Migrate to start the migration process.

  • The next step will take you through the standard Signature 365 login process to authenticate with your tenant - Please note this is your Signature 365 login details, unless your account authenticates with SSO to Microsoft 365.

  • The migration process will now upload the selected templates to Signature 365. If you are attempting to overwrite existing templates, you will see an Overwrite Confirmation box to confirm you wish to do this - select the tickbox for a template to confirm.

  • Following template upload, you will be given the option to migrate your existing rules. In the case of a user or group not existing, the rule cannot be migrated.

  • Finally, you will be presented with the Migration Report - this will list any encountered errors, and can be saved with the Save Migration Report if requested by the Symprex Support Team.

    Click Finish to close the migration wizard.

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