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Signature 365 Entra ID Enterprise applications


Follwing the integration of Signature 365 to your Microsoft 365 tenant, you see a number of new applications listed in your Azure / Entra ID Enterprise applications list.

You wish to know which of these applications are required.


Signature 365 configures the Signature 365, Signature 365 Setup and Signature 365 Sent Items Update applications as part of the initial integration to grant access to different parts of your tenant.

Depending on the features enabled, you will see differing applications listed.

This app is created as part of the main integration process and cannot be removed.

This allows us to synchronise your directory, including users, groups, mailbox settings and domains.

This app is created as part of the server-side signatures component and can be removed once integration has been completed.

This allows us to automatically configure Exchange Online to route your server-side emails to Signature 365 for signature injection.

This app is created as part of the Sent Items Update component and cannot be removed.

This allows us to automatically update your server-side sent emails with the signature when viewing in your Sent Items folder.


If the Server-side signatures configuration is updated through the Signature 365 portal, the Signature 365 Setup Enterprise application will be recreated.

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