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Migrating to Signature 365 from Email Signature Manager


You wish to migrate from our on-premise product, Email Signature Manager, to our cloud solution, Signature 365, but you would also like to retain your existing signature templates, campaigns, disclaimers and rules.


Symprex has written a migration wizard for Email Signature Manager that allows you to migrate your existing data across to our cloud platform.

The Signature 365 Migration wizard is installed on your on-premise Email Signature Manager server and can be run using an administrative account on your Signature 365 tenant to upload the information.

The migration wizard can be run multiple times, allowing testing of specific signature templates prior to complete migration to the system.

Instructions for this process are as follows:

  • Go to and use the Get Started option in the top right corner to sign up and create a new Signature 365 tenant.

  • We recommend creating a mail-enabled security group to target the users for Signature 365 so other users are not affected by this.

  • Complete the integration (How to setup Signature 365) between Signature 365 and Microsoft 365 following the wizard, targeting your mail-enabled security group previously created.

  • Please note that if you are using Active Directory attributes in your existing Email Signature Manager templates, you will need to sync these with Azure AD using the following link:  Active Directory attributes are not populated in hybrid environment

  • Download and install the migration tool on the server where Symprex Email Signature Manager is installed (these steps will not make any changes to Email Signature Manager, only upload your templates and rules to Signature 365).

  • Please follow the instructions at How to use the Signature 365 migration wizard to migrate your existing Email Signature Manager data to Signature 365.

    If your existing users have been imported to Signature 365 from Azure AD, you will be able to import your existing rules as part of the migration process.

  • If you are performing a proof of concept and cannot migrate your rules, you can create the rules in Signature 365 targeting your users/groups currently imported from Azure-AD.

    The migration wizard can be re-run after full integration to migrate all your existing rules.

  • Deploy the Outlook add-in to your client devices (this add-in works for Outlook Web Access, Outlook for Windows (including the new One Outlook) and Outlook on mac devices, provided you are running Office provided from O365.

    It is worth noting that once this has been configured this is the longest part of the process as Microsoft state it may take between 6 and 12 hours, in our experience we have seen it take between 1 hour and 24 hours.

    We recommend manually installing the add-in it on at least 1 device using the manual manifest method, which deploys instantly to ensure there are no issues when the add-in is rolled out to the remaining users.

If any issues are experienced with the migration process, we recommend raising a ticket on the support portal or by emailing

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