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Using Server-side injection to specify the location of an inserted signature


You want to use server-side injection to insert a default signature into an email sent through exchange online by an external source such as SalesForce.

As standard the signature will be inserted at the end of the received email, however you require the signature to be inserted into a specific location in the email for formatting requirements.


It is possible to use a specific field which is interpreted by Signature 365 server-side injection service to define where a signature will be inserted. Server-side injection will remove this field and replace it with the default signature assigned to the mailbox sending the email.


This procedure is only available using server-side injection, and email must be routed from the 3rd party sender through Exchange online in order to use this process.

Where you require your signature to be injected, enter:


into the email template of your 3rd party service.

When this is received by the server-side injection service, this tag will be found and replaced by the mailbox's default signature.

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