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Using the Outlook add-in in Outlook Classic

Signature 365 add-in for Outlook Desktop

The Signature 365 modern add-in is deployed by your IT team, and the button will be visible in the menu ribbon when you create a new email message.

When you click New Email in Outlook, your default signature assigned by your company will automatically be placed at the bottom of your email.


This functionality is only supported in an Office 365 licenced version of Outlook, you will need the task pane pinned to auto-insert the signature for other Outlook versions. This is a limitation from Microsoft.

Opening the Signature 365 task pane

All interation with Signature 365 is performed in the task pane. Clicking the Signature 365 button from the menu ribbon will load the task pane, which will display on the right hand side of your new message window.

Pinning the task pane

Clicking the Pin button will open the task pane for all new messages when they are created.

Selecting a different signature

If you have multiple signatures assigned to your account, you will be able to select which one you would like to insert by clicking on the preview image. Selecting the preview will automatically update the signature in the email, and remove the previously selected one.

Editing your details

Your company may allow you to choose specific fields in your signature, allowing you to select from a list or display specific options such as a mobile number in your signature. You can select these options from the Details tab on the task pane. Your selection will be remembered for future use.

Setting your default signature

If you have been assigned multiple signatures, and allowed by your company, you can also select a default signature from the Settings tab. With this option you can select a new default from your assigned signatures. You will need to click the save button for this to take effect.

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