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Role Based Access Control in Signature 365


You wish to create a defined role that is different to the standard Administrator and Editor roles included as default.


The Custom Roles feature in Signature 365 allows you to set specific read or manage permissions for all areas of the Signature 365 portal.


The Teammates function cannot be assigned to custom roles, and requires the Administrator permission to access.

Log on to the Signature 365 portal, and select the Settings menu item, followed by Custom Roles.

Click the Create a custom role now button to start the process.

This will open the New custom role window

Name the role, and assign the required permissions for the role.

Please note that certain permissions are automatically assigned if required, these are identified by a blue highlight. In the example below, the Manage Signatures requires View access to the Users, Images, Fields, Organisation and vCards sections.

Click the Create button, and this will create the new role.

Click on the Teammates menu item and select the Edit button for the user you wish to assign the role to.

Select the new role and hit save to assign it to this user.

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