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Assigning a Signature to an email alias


You wish to define a different signature for an email alias that is assigned to your account.


Signature 365 can select a signature based on the from address sending the email. To best demonstrate this functionality, consider mailbox with the alias email address

Rule Configuration

You will need to ensure your signature templates are created, once this is completed we can define the deployment of the signatures to the alias address.

You will require at least 2 rules to achieve this behaviour; one targeting the alias email address and the second applying to your main email address.

The first rule will assign a template to all users using the alias If you wish to only target an individual user enter the full alias email address instead of

The second rule is configured as normal, in this example a generic signature is applied to all users:

Rule Order

To ensure the priority of the rules is correct, the rule applied to the aliad address must be higher priority:

If the alias address rule is not matched first, the users primary email address will be applied.


When sending an email from the primary email account the correct signature will be applied:

When sending from an alias email address the signature for the alias address will be applied:

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