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Managing personal signatures, fonts and stationary for Classic Outlook desktop


You wish to control internal settings of the Classic Outlook desktop client whilst using Signature 365.


You can use the Symprex Email Signature Utility to set font type, size and colour, remove personal Outlook signatures and stationary, and disable personal Outlook signatures entirely.

You will need to run the utility locally on all devices you wish to set these options. This cannot be set within Signature 365 and must be deployed using a login script, via command line or similar.

  1. Download the Symprex Email Signature Utility from here
  2. Unzip the SymprexEmailSignatureUtility.exe executable
  3. Right-click the file, open Properties, check the Unblock option, and click Apply:

Setting Outlook default fonts

The following command line arguments can be used to set message fonts:

Set new email font:
Set reply/forward font:
Set plain text compose and reading font:


name of font, for example Calibri or Arial
the font size, for example 11
either Regular or Italic
font colour in RRGGBB format, for example 000000 for black


Set font to Calibri 11 point black for new and reply/forward email:

SymprexEmailSignatureUtility.exe /SetNewEmailFont=Calibri,11,Regular,000000 /SetReplyForwardFont=Calibri,11,Regular,000000

Disable / Enable Outlook signature options

The following command line arguments are used to control the personal Outlook signatures feature:

Disable Outlook personal signatures
Enable Outlook personal signatures


To disable personal Outlook signatures:

SymprexEmailSignatureUtility.exe /DisableOutlookSignatures

Removing existing Outlook signatures

The following command line arguments are used to remove existing Outlook signatures:

Remove Outlook Stationary
Remove all Outlook signatures
Remove signatures deployed by the Email Signature Manager agent
Remove signatures deployed by the Signature 365 classic agent


To remove Outlook stationery:

SymprexEmailSignatureUtility.exe /RemoveStationery

How to run the utility silently
The following command line argument runs the utility in silent mode, disabling console output:

SymprexEmailSignatureUtility.exe /Silent

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