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What's New?

A full list of upcoming features can be found here.

September 2023

New Features
Improvements / Fixes
  • QR code generation in templates
  • Allow attribute check on user photos in rules
  • Improvements to the reliability of background cloud services 

August 2023

New Features
Improvements / Fixes
  • Attribute matching for signature rules
  • vCard preview and advanced mode
  • Show add-in source of installation in diagnostics
  • Increase field length for name and description for signatures, disclaimers and campaigns 
  • Local-only domain causes loading to fail
  • Resolve import issue from Entra for recreated users
  • Enabled clickable weblinks in template preview

July 2023

New Features
Improvements / Fixes
  • Remember page and query sizes in query strings
  • Implement debug logging for
  • Allow no-inline on style tags 
  • Enable active user CSV download
  • Automatic update of signature when changing the From address in Outlook
  • Identifiers for import sources added to user profile tab
  • Show message for domains with no email integration
  • Remote logging option introduced for add-in
  • Add Shared folder support for Outlook for Mac add-in
  • Add Outlook add-in diagnostics pane
  • Allow hotlinking of Signature 365 images 
  • Show navbar tool-tips when collapsed
  • Fix stale signatures when changing from address in Outlook
  • Portals redirect correctly after login
  • Mailto: links should not be modified for click tracking
  • Cannot insert HTML signature after converting from plain text
  • Image conflict does not detail file name
  • Improved preview of signatures, campaigns and disclaimers
  • Verify image format on upload
  • Signature preview now displays multiple signatures

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