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Updating the Signature 365 modern add-in


An update has been released to the Signature 365 modern add-in, and you have been advised by Symprex that the Signature 365 modern add-in must be manually updated to take advantage of the improvements it contains.


Whilst the Outlook modern add-in will in most cases self-update when installed from either the Microsoft 365 integrated apps deployment, or when manually installed using the manifest XML, there are occasions where a major update to the add-in will require a redeployment to allow the update to occur.

In these situations, information will be sent out from the Symprex social media feeds, or by an email update to customers. There are circumstances where a member of the support team will request that this is completed.


The update process will differ depending on how the add-in has been installed for your users.

If you have deployed from the Microsoft 365 Admin center using the Get Add-ins option, the addin will automatically be updated by Microsoft. If this does not update, please contact with information 

Additional methods are covered below.

Deployed through the Get Add-ins window in Outlook or OWA

In the Outlook menu ribbon, click the Get Add-ins button.

In the Add-ins window that opens, select My add-ins, and scroll down until you see the Custom Addins section. The current add-in will be listed here, click the Manage Add-in button, and select Remove.

Once removed, click + Add a custom add-in and in the dropdown that appears select the Add from URL... option.

In the pane that opens, enter for the URL of the manifest file.

Review the warning and Select Install.

The Signature 365 addin will appear in the Custom Addins section, and will now be available when composing a new message.

Deployed from the Microsoft 365 Admin center using a custom app

Log on to the Microsoft 365 Admin center as a Global Administrator.

Go to Settings > Integrated apps to open the Integrated apps page, and click on the Signature 365 app.

In the flyout on the right hand side of the screen, select the "Update add-in" link under Actions.

Select the "Provide link to the manifest file" option, and enter

for the URL of the manifest file and hit Validate. When the file is shown as validated, click Next.

Review the next screen, and select the "Accept and update" button.

Wait for the update process to complete - once this is finished, click the "Done" button.


The add-in may not be available to all users immediately. The deployment usually only takes a few minutes but can take up to 6 hours according to Microsoft. For some users the add-in may not be available until Outlook has been restarted.

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