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Inspecting users and groups configured to use server-side injection


You wish to understand the current users or groups that are configured to use server-side signature injection.


Whilst the Signature 365 setup process is able to create the mailflow rules for server injection, we do not have access to update or view the rule after the initial configuration is completed.

If you have made no changes to the settings after the initial configuration process completed, you can view this information by navigating to the Signature 365 Integration settings.

If you have made changes to the mailflow rule after the setup process is completed and need to confirm the users and groups that have been configured, this must be done from the Exchange admin centre.


You will need administrative access to your company's Exchange admin centre to complete this task.

Log into your company's Exchange admin centre.

From the 365 Menu, expand the Mail flow dropdown, and select Rules:

From the list of rules, select the Send to Signature 365 for signature injection rule:

In the flyout that appears, check the "Apply this rule if" section;

In the following example, the rule is configured to route all email for server-side injection if a signature is not inserted on the client:

In the following example, the rule is configured to only route email from members of the "signature365users" group for server-side injection:

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