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Using the Signature 365 Database Connector


You wish to utilise an internal database in order to import user data to Signature 365 that you cannot or do not wish to sync with Azure AD.


It is possible to use the Signature 365 Database Connector to sync data from your internal Access or SQL server to map fields to Signature 365 fields.

The Database Connector runs on an hourly schedule based on when the service was last started/restarted - for example, if the service is restarted at 08:10, all subsequent runs will run at 10 minutes past the hour.

Please note that data imported with the Database Connector will take precedence over data imported from Azure AD.


This is an advanced configuration method and you will require knowledge of SQL connectors, queries and field mapping to use this functionality.

Database connections require a SQL login and cannot be used with Windows Authentication.

The database connector is only available on request from the Symprex support team.

Download and install the Database connector software to a server that has access to the database you wish to connect. The connector does not require installation on the same device as the database.

Once installed, open the Signature 365 Database Connector link from the Symprex folder on the start menu.

This will open the database connector configuration utility, where you will specify the Signature 365 secret and connect to your data source.

To generate the secret, go to the Signature 365 - Database configuration page, and follow the instructions.

Paste the secret into the Secret field in the database connector.

Select the database type from the dropdown menu, and specify the connection details to the database. These details must be supplied by the customer, Symprex is unable to provide you with this data.

Define your SQL query to select records from your desired table - you must define the query before the connection can be tested.

If your query is not valid, you will receive the following message - this shows the connector was able to connect to your database successfully.

The following error details that an error was found in the connection details - this can be either user or database-related.

With data returned to the database connector, you can select the Field Mappings tab, and select the appropriate fields to map your data to in Signature 365.


You must specify a field to map to the email address of the user to allow fields to be matched to users in Signature 365

Mapping custom Signature 365 fields

If you have created custom fields in Signature 365 and wish to map your data to these, you must edit the registry to make these available.


These changes can only be made after the database configuration has been saved. Ensure that the Database Connector is closed whilst these changes are made.

Open regedit from the start menu, and navigate to the following location:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symprex\Signature 365 Database Connector

Create a new string value called Custom Fields and set the value to a comma-separated list of the custom fields you need to support - this field name should be the Token for the field, not the name.

Open the Database Connector configuration utility - the custom fields will appear in the Target Field list, allowing them to be mapped as desired.

At the next scheduled import, the data will be imported into Signature 365 and applied to the matching user.

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