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Installing the Signature 365 AD Connector (beta)


You wish to synchronise your Active directory data with Signature 365, but do not want to sync some or all of this data with Entra ID (Azure AD).


Please note that users must exist within Microsoft Entra ID for their accounts to be linked with data imported from an on-premise AD Domain


You can use the Signature 365 AD Connector to import user data for Microsoft 365 users that are synced by the standard import process from Entra ID.


The AD Connector uses the email address of the user to create a soft match between imported users from Microsoft 365 and users imported from AD. These mail addresses must match for user details to be matched.


Please submit a support ticket to the helpdesk and the team will provide a download link for installation.

Configuration page

The AD connector is configured from the following page in the Signature 365 Portal:

On accessing the page, you will be asked to enable the AD integration component. Click the Enable button to start the process.

Copy the integration secret by using the Copy button, and then click Next.


The AD Connector should be installed on a server connected to the same domain as your AD server, with permission to read the Active directory structure. This can be installed on a Domain Controller if required.

The installation process requires no changes and will launch the Configuration Utility by default when complete.

In the configuration utility, paste the secret generated by the configuration page, and click the Test Authentication button. This will confirm the connection with Signature 365.

You can choose to select all users and groups to synchronise, or alternatively, specify specific groups and users by clicking the Synchronise users and groups that are members of: radio button and selecting as required.

System Requirements

Windows Server:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or later

.NET Framework:

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later

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